• In Quebec, the Tourist Accommodation Act and the related Regulation stipulate that it is mandatory to have a registration number when offering lodging to tourists.

• Valid for 12 months and intended for three categories of establishments, the registration takes the form of a registration number and a written notice containing the number, the civic address and, if applicable, the name of the establishment and its category.

• The written notice must be posted in full view of the tourist clientele at the main entrance to the establishment.

• The registration number associated with each establishment must be included in all advertising. The registration number consists of 6 digits. It must be indicated in the following manner:
"Registration #: XXXXXX". It may be placed anywhere on the advertisement.

For verbal advertisements, the registration number must be replaced with a statement that the establishment is registered under the Tourist Accommodation Act.

• The operator of a tourist accommodation establishment must, within 60 days before the expiry date of its registration, send an application for renewal and, if applicable, the declaration of update of the information concerning the accommodation offer and the services and activities.

• An update statement must also be filed within 30 days of the date of a change in the accommodation offer.

Examples of changes requiring an immediate update statement:
- Change in the number of rental units,
- Change in the type of establishment,
- Change of insurance company or policy,
- Changes to the amenities offered,
- Etc.

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