Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive ensures that the Corporation accomplishes its mission, that each department reaches its objectives and that the organization develops with its members' best interests at heart.

Administration Department

This department takes care of the complete management of the files of the operators and establishments concerned by the registration, from the collection of all the relevant data to the sending of the registration number. It is responsible for accounting and the sound management of human and material resources. It implements all the relevant technological systems as well as various research services.

Operator Relations Department

This team answers any questions about the operation of the registration program or any other information related to the operator's file, through a telephone and e-mail information service. It also provides support to operators who wish to update the information about the services offered by their establishment.

Communications Department

This department develops and implements an annual communications plan, produces relevant communications tools and manages ad hoc communications with the media, operators and industry partners.

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Our Mission

To provide classification, certification and standardization services for goods and services on behalf of public- and private-sector customers, so as to enhance the goods and services concerned and keep consumers well informed. To set the standard for classification and certification services, in Quebec and elsewhere.

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