Please remember that the income from the operation of your establishment for tourist accommodation purposes must be declared in accordance with the law.

The information on your application is sent to the Minister of Revenue, who is responsible for inspections and investigations relating to the application of the Tourist Accommodation Act and its regulations.

This form is intended for individuals or corporations who wish to offer tourist accommodation other than in a principal residence.
Principal Residence Establishment

If your establishment meets the definition of a Principal Residence Establishment, click here.

Your establishment will be considered a tourist accommodation establishment according to the Tourist Accommodation Establishments Act if you offer at least one unit (room, bed, house, apartment, etc.) for rent
• to tourists,
• for periods of 31 days or less (by night, week or weekend),
• for a fee,
• in any form of media (Internet site, social networks, bulletin board, newspaper, poster, etc.).

Compliance with municipal regulations
Before applying for a classification certificate, we recommend that you check the requirements (permits, emergency plan, etc.) of your municipality, borough or regional county municipality.

In addition, you are responsible for complying with municipal regulations regarding nuisance, safety and sanitation.

Pursuant to section 6.1 of the Act respecting tourist accommodation establishments, upon receipt of an application for a classification certificate, the CITQ will notify the municipality, borough or regional county municipality of the establishment on whose territory the establishment is located of the application received and the proposed use. The municipality, borough or regional county municipality will then have 45 days to object to the application if the proposed use of the establishment contravenes municipal regulations.

Documents to provide
If your application complies with the municipal by-laws, we will send you an invoice for the applicable fees and a list of the documents required to complete your application based on your answers to the questions on this form. In particular, you must attach the following scanned documents (pdf or jpg) to your application:

• Title deed, municipal tax bill or lease agreement,
• Proof of liability insurance of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence,
• If applicable, a copy of the provisions of the declaration of co-ownership or the rental agreement allowing the operation of your residence for tourist accommodation purposes*.

*If such provisions are not included in the Declaration of Co-ownership or the tenancy agreement, you will need to produce a landlord's authorization or an authorization from the syndicate of co-owners allowing the operation of a tourist accommodation establishment. These authorizations are provided as examples. They can be used as is.