CAUTION: First the operator must ensure that he does not contravene municipal planning regulations and obtain a notice of compliance signed by the municipality to ensure that the proposed use is authorized.

Then the operator applies to the CITQ for registration and submits the required documents.

For a general tourist accommodation establishments or a youth tourist accommodation establishments, the operator completes the following form.

For a principal residence establishment, the operator completes the following form.

ATTENTION : At this step, the operator will also need to provide proof of at least $2 million in liability insurance.

The operator completes and returns to the CITQ the additional documents sent by them, along with payment of the required registration fees.

The CITQ issues a registration in the form of a written notice that must be posted in full view of the tourist clientele.

Important - The rights conferred by a registration cannot be transferred to another person. If the new establishment operator wishes to continue tourist rentals, a new application for registration must be made.

Open a file for a general or youth tourist establishment

Open a file for a Principal Residence Establishment

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