We would like to remind you that all income resulting from the operation of your establishment for the purpose of tourist accommodation must be declared in accordance with the law.

The information relating to your application will be forwarded to the ministre du Revenu, who is responsible, among other things, for inspections and investigations relating to the application of the Tourist Accommodation Act and its regulations.

This form is intended for natural persons who wish to offer their principal residence as a tourist accommodation for a person or a single group of related persons.

A “natural person” is any individual, regardless of gender or physical appearance, who is recognized as a subject of law, and who is attributed rights and duties.

It is deemed a principal residence if you meet all of the following conditions:

• It is where you habitually reside
• It is where your family and social activities are centralized, notably when it is not used as a tourist accommodation
• The address of the latter corresponds to the one you have provided to most government departments and agencies.

You may have only one principal residence.

Your residence will be considered a principal residence establishment according to the Tourist Accommodation Act if you offer a rental unit (room, home or apartment)
• to tourists
• for a period of 31 days or less (by the night, week or weekend)
• in exchange for remuneration.

Conformance to municipal regulations
Before submitting your registration application, we recommend that you check the requirements (permits, emergency plans, etc.) of your municipality, borough or regional county municipality.

In addition, you must respect all municipal regulations regarding disturbances, safety and cleanliness.

Documents to provide
You must also attach the following scanned documents (pdf or jpg) to your request:

• Notice of Compliance with Municipal by-laws*;
*You must fill out this document and send it to the urban planning department of your municipality, borough or regional county municipality for signature. This step must be done prior to your application for registration. We will be unable to process your application if it is not accompanied by a compliant document from the appropriate authority.

• Property title, municipal tax statement or rental contract;
• Proof of civilliability insurance of at least $2,000,000 per event
• Exterior and interior photographs of the establishment to be posted, if necessary, on a digital hosting platform. .
• If applicable, a copy of the provisions of the declaration of co-owners and/or the rental contract the allows the operation of your residence for purposes of tourist accommodation*.

Should such provisions not be included in the declaration of co-owners or rental contract, you must produce authorization from the owner and/or association of co-owners allowing for the operation of a tourist accommodation establishment. These authorizations are provided as an example. They may be used as they are.

Costs for the request
A $51.50 fee will be charged at the time of submission of your application.

*Your acceptance is required

Our Mission

Performs classification and certification services for products and services on behalf of public and private customers. As such, it acts as an agent of the Minister of Tourism for the registration of accommodation establishments and is officially recognized by the Minister as a delegated body to exercise certain of these powers.

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