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The tourism minister, Mrs Caroline Proulx, in the presence of the minister of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy, Mrs Andrée Laforest, recently announced an amendment project regarding tourist accommodation establishments.

This project proposes, among other things, the creation of a new category called the “principal residence establishment”. As such, those who wish to rent their principal residence would need only obtain a registration number at a low cost without requiring a visit by a classifier. This number must be present in all advertising, contracts and Web sites relating to the rental of the principal residence.
The amendment project for the Regulation respecting tourist accommodation establishments was published on June 12th in Quebec’s official Gazette. For 45 days following this date, anyone interested in sending their comments may do so by writing to the Minister of Tourism.

During her June 5th announcement, the minister stated that there may be adjustments as a result of this 45-day consultation process. The amendments should take effect this fall.

Under the Act and Regulation respecting tourist accommodation establishments and our agreement with the Ministry of Tourism, we are required to visit and classify all establishments every two years.

Also, over the next months, our CITQ classifiers will cover thousands of kilometers, to visit thousands of establishments, many of which operate on a seasonal basis. Accomplishing this task while ensuring effective management of our resources is a huge challenge that we would not be able to meet without the collaboration of each one of you.

I am therefore appealing to your understanding and request that you respect the appointment set by the classifier. If you will not be available at the time of the visit, I suggest that you have someone else to welcome the classifier during your absence.

Please make time for the visit even if your establishment is occupied. Our classifiers are professionals and will be most courteous with your clientele.

Be assured that having occupants will change nothing for the evaluation of your establishment, since all our criteria is based on objective and measurable elements, such as the number of sanitary fixtures, bed sizes, household appliances, etc.

As for the condition of the premises, our classifiers are sufficiently experienced to distinguish the temporary from the permanent, to differentiate between splashes from a morning bathroom routine and deep-rooted mold.

I would like to thank all those who understand that our classifiers have a visit schedule to respect and they are unable to make several visits without comprising the budget allocated to the classification tours.

And I would like to thank all those who, year after year, open their doors to us and offer their complete collaboration.

Jocelyn Dessureault
The 2019-2020 budget plan submitted to the Minister of Finance last March requires that all operators of digital accommodation platforms be registered for lodging tax, collect this tax and remit it to Revenu Québec.
This is the number of tourist residence certifications in the Laurentians as of last June 3rd. There are also many tourist residence certifications in the following regions:

• Eastern Townships: 750 certifications
• Québec region: 682 certifications
• Charlevoix: 613 certifications

To find out the number of tourist residence certifications for each region of Quebec, visit www.citq.info


The Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec (CTEQ) focuses directly on matters of executive succession and company transfers. CTEQ mobilizes the full array of stakeholders in economic development to deal with the challenge of company takeovers, serving as a neutral facilitator in making the market more transparent and in promoting the continuity of Québec businesses.

The Centre is supported financially by the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'Innovation du Québec, which has specifically mandated it to boost awareness and to provide information, coordination, connecting and referrals for entrepreneurs involved in company transfers or takeovers.

At the request of the Quebec ministry of Tourism, through a special funding, CTEQ’s mission also covers executive succession and the needs of entrepreneurs in the provincial tourism industry. In addition, our organization offers a support program to encourage the Co-operative buyouts of companies where entrepreneurial succession is lacking, providing $1 million in financial support for four years. Moreover, in support of its mission, CTEQ has established INDEX, a digital platform available to entrepreneurs and experts to facilitate connecting between buyers and transferors of companies.

INDEX supplements the free advisory services provided by our consultants. Contact us!

Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec
Vincent Lecorne, président-directeur général
info@ctequebec.com / 1 844 200-2837

The CITQ is not only a team of experienced classifiers but also a team of experienced agents who intervene before and after the classification visit.
Our administration agents
Acting as an entry portal, the administration agents:

• carry out administrative operations including opening, closing and updating operator and establishment files;
• co-operate with bonjourquebec.com on annual updates to establishment data;
• answer operators’ questions on all administrative aspects of their files;
• manage the production and mailing of classification signs.
Responsible for all regions of Quebec, the classifiers:

• visit thousands of establishments every year;

• classify each one according to hundreds of evaluation criteria specific to each of the seven classes of establishments overseen by the CITQ;

• contribute to updating these classification criteria, thanks to their observations in the field;

• attend professional development sessions that include presentations on new materials and products.
Our operator relations agents
Providing a follow-up of the classifier’s visit, the classification agents:

• analyze and validate the results of classification visits by looking at the photos taken during the visit and the results of previous visits;

• answer operators’ questions about all aspects of their classification results and the criteria for their class of establishment;

• handle the detail letters service, for operators who request it, listing all the criteria for which they did not reach the desired classification level;

• collaborate with the director of classification on the planning service to help operators better target their investments so as to reach the desired classification level.

FALSE Classification is based on measurable objective criteria. Equipment quality and comfort are divided into many levels of classification. A classification guide describing each criterion in detail is available to operators. Any element requiring an opinion as to value is not part of the classification.


FALSE Each category of establishment classified by the CITQ has its own evaluation chart. The CITQ classification guides include sections for each category and the importance of each section or criterion may vary from one category to another. For example, the breakfast criteria for a bed and breakfast would have great importance while it is not even part of the evaluation for a tourist residence.
You may consult the list of classification criteria specific to each category by visiting www.citq.info. Detailed guides are also available in the section reserved for site users.
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