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IMPORTANT! Failure to comply with any of the obligations described below may result in a fine issued by Revenu Québec.
Where and how to display the registration NUMBER of my establishment?
On digital platforms. Any advertisement or website, whether transactional or not, used to promote the accommodation offer of your establishment, must clearly display the registration number and, if applicable, the name of the establishment*.
  This information must be displayed prominently in:
• Your listings on digital accommodation platforms (Airbnb, VRBO,, etc.);
• Your listings on any other website (Kijiji, Marketplace, etc.);
• Your establishment's website;
• Your establishment's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
Any advertisement. Any advertising material used to promote the accommodation offer of your establishment must clearly display the registration number and, if applicable, the name of the establishment. This includes, among others, brochures, posters, newspaper advertisements, and tourist guides.
Learn how to enter your registration number into the main platforms by consulting the
display guide available at!
*Any accommodation offer displayed on a transactional digital accommodation platform must also include the expiration date of the registration certificate.
Where should I display the REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE of my establishment?
At the establishment. The registration certificate must be displayed in public view, i.e., at the main entrance of the establishment or building, in the case of a building with multiple housing units. It must be placed in a visible or accessible location for everyone, not just for tourist clientele.
Transactional digital accommodation platforms. It is mandatory to provide the digital registration certificate (PDF) of your establishment to transactional platforms where you wish to display an accommodation offer.
All information regarding the display of the certificate and the presentation of the registration number can be found on this page.
IMPORTANT! When displaying an accommodation offer on a transactional digital accommodation platform (Airbnb, VRBO,, etc.), make sure to provide them with information identical to that found on the establishment's registration certificate; address, postal code, establishment name, number of units, expiration date (in the format required by the platform), etc.).
Where can I find my establishment's certificate?
The certificate is sent to you by email following the registration of your establishment or any renewal.
The most recent certificate of your establishment is available for download in the Documents section of your CITQ Portal account..
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