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September 1st will mark the first anniversary of the new Tourist Accommodation Act coming into effect.

This act included abolishing the mandatory classification system for tourist accommodation establishments, and on this first anniversary, it's now time for establishment operators to stop using the classification signs or any reproductions*.
If applicable, you must :
Stop displaying the classification sign at your establishment.
Delete any reproduction of this sign on any advertising used to promote your establishment or on any Web site, whether transactional or non-transactional, used in connection with the operation of your establishment.
All registrations for tourist accommodation establishments will now be in the form of a registration certificate. It is this certificate that must be posted in public view at the main entrance to the establishment or, if the establishment is located in a building comprising several residential units, at the main entrance to the building.
This new certificate has been emailed to you in recent weeks or will be shortly. Keep it in a safe place!

For more information on the new registration certificate,
see our June 2023 newsletter.
* As of September 1st, 2023, the law stipulates that a fine could be issued for displaying or using a classification sign or a reproduction thereof.
Watch for our future communications regarding your establishment!
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