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This bill provides that the registration of a tourist accommodation establishment will henceforth take the form of a registration certificate. It prohibit transactional digital accommodation platforms from publishing an offer of tourist accommodation that does not contain the registration number of the accommodation establishment concerned.
If your establishment holds a valid registration, you will receive its registration certificate in the next few days. Keep it!
You must display this certificate in public view at all times at the main entrance of your establishment or, if your establishment is located in a building comprising several residential units, at the main entrance to the building;
If you use a transactional digital accommodation platform covered by the new Bill (Airbnb, for example), they will ask you for a digital copy of this certificate. You must provide it in order for your establishment to be, or continue to be, displayed on these platforms;
We remind you that you are already obligated to clearly indicate the registration number of your establishment on all advertising used for its promotion and on all Web sites, whether transactional or not;
The registration certificate replaces the written notice we sent you in September 2022 or when your establishment was first registered.
If you have a star sign for your establishment, it can remain on display until August 31, 2023. After this date, it must be removed.
We invite you to consult the press release issued by the ministère du Tourisme as well as their various publications for full details regarding the Act to fight illegal tourist accommodation.
Watch for our future communications regarding your establishment!
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