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You can now download your establishment's registration certificate from the Documents section of your CITQ Portal account.
Accessible from the home page of, the CITQ Portal must be used by operators of general and youth tourist accommodation establishments to complete the annual declaration to update information concerning their accommodation offer, services and activities.

The amenities, activities and services you enter on the CITQ Portal are used to publish accurate, up-to-date information on your establishment's listing on BonjourQué, the official website of the Ministry of Tourism.

This declaration, in addition to the annual registration fee, is required to renew your establishment's registration for another 12-month period. It must be made within your renewal period (60 days before your registration expires).

Renewing your registration on time will enable you to obtain a new registration certificate, continue to operate your establishment legally and maintain your accommodation offers on transactional digital accommodation platforms.

Outside the renewal period, the CITQ Portal can be used to notify us of any changes to your accommodation offer or your contact details. For example:

New mailing address
Change of person in charge of account
Modification to the type or number of rental accommodation units
Addition of amenities
The CITQ provides a CITQ Portal tutorial and user guide, where you will find detailed explanations on how to create an account, make a declaration or download your certificate. You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Watch for our future communications concerning your establishment!
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