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The new category of your establishment will be communicated to you following the analysis of your file. You will then receive a written notice confirming the registration of your establishment under this category. This written notice must be displayed in full view of the tourist clientele.
Since your establishment held a classification certificate as of September 1, it is automatically deemed to be registered. You have no action to take in this regard.
If applicable, and if you wish, your sign may also remain on display until August 31, 2023.
The new establishment categories will be as follows:
Principal residence establishments: establishments where accommodation in the principal residence of the natural person operating the establishment is offered, by means of a single reservation, to one person or a single group of related persons at a time and does not include any meals served on site;
Youth tourist accommodation establishments*: establishments where at least 30% of the accommodation units consist of beds in one or more dormitories or where the accommodation is primarily provided in connection with activities primarily for disadvantaged or disabled persons;
*Establishments not subject to the collection of the tax on lodging.
General tourist accommodation establishments: establishments, other than principal residence establishments and youth tourist accommodation establishments, where accommodation is provided through one or more types of accommodation units.
The new regulation also introduces the concept of the type of establishment. The types will generally correspond to the former categories of establishments (bed and breakfast, hotel establishments, tourist homes, etc.).

You may continue to use the type of your establishment for promotional purposes (on your website or on for example).
Watch for our future communications concerning your establishment!
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