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Why is it important to renew the registration of a tourist accommodation establishment before it expires? For many reasons!
It's mandatory! The Tourist Accommodation Act and Regulations stipulate that a registration is valid for 12 months, and that an application for renewal must be submitted within 60 days of its expiry date. Revenu Québec, the organization responsible for enforcing the penal provisions of the Act, could fine you if you operate your establishment without a valid registration.
Obtaining a new registration certificate. Your establishment’s registration certificate must be displayed in public view at the main entrance to the establishment or building. Following renewal, the CITQ will send you a new one, with a new validity period, to replace the expired certificate.
Offering your establishment for rent on transactional digital accommodation platforms. You are required to send a copy of your establishment's certificate to transactional digital accommodation platforms (Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO, etc.) on which you post an accommodation offer. In the event of delay or failure to send a valid certificate, your establishment's listing may be removed or suspended by the platform.
Benefiting from visibility by using the promotional tools of the ministère du Tourisme. Only General Tourist Accommodation Establishments and Youth Tourist Accommodation Establishments with a valid registration can be advertised on, the official website of the ministère du Tourisme, and in the guide of their regional tourism association (ATR).

Note: The ministère du Tourisme has chosen not to publish the Principal Residence Establishments on its website,
Updating the information in your file. Renewal is the ideal time to inform the CITQ of any changes to your contact details or accommodation offer.
Pay the renewal fees.
Submit a renewal application and, for General Tourist Accommodation Establishments and Youth Tourist Accommodation Establishments, a declaration of update of the information concerning the accommodation offer via the CITQ Portal.
The complete procedure and invoice will be sent to you approximately 60 days before your establishment's registration deadline.
The CITQ recommends that you not wait until the last minute to complete the renewal, to take into account the time you may need to replace the certificate displayed at your establishment and to transmit the new certificate to all the transactional digital accommodation platforms (Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO, etc.) on which you display an accommodation offer for your establishment.

These platforms also have a processing time, and if you plan ahead, you'll avoid having one or more of your ads removed or suspended.
Watch for our future communications concerning your establishment!
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